Press Release
Jun 3 2013
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APG-Neuros Ranks No. 66 on the 2013 PROFIT 500

PROFIT magazine unveils the 25th annual list of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies

Case Studies
Oct 15 2014
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South San Francisco / San Bruno Water Control Plant (WQCP)

Replacing existing multi-stage centrifugal with APG-Neuros' Turbo Blower results in an efficiency gain of 22.7%
The Water Quality Control Plant (WQCP) replaced one of its centrifugal blowers with a new APG-Neuros turbo blower. The new turbo blower supplies the majority of aeration for one of the trains in the two parallel trains of activated sludge treatment process.  With the use of a single high-speed centrifugal impeller, the new blower technology offers significant energy savings and a wider flow turndown.

APG-Neuros: Leader in Air Turbo Blowers

APG-Neuros is recognized as the force behind the successful introduction of the high speed turbo blower technology in the wastewater treatment market in the Western World. Our focused approach to sound product introduction with emphasis on technical competency, high product quality, product demonstration and proximity of customer service has led to wide acceptance of our high speed air turbo blower product by the industry.

Our NX series Turbo Blower models are best seller products in the High Speed Turbo Blower category with over 730 units installed in North America and over 2000 units worldwide.